Buying a condo

Are you ready to buy your first condo, upgrade your current condo or buy your first investment property?
What follows are the steps that we will take together in our search. I will also go through the finances with you and make sure you get a suitable plan:

Step 1: Preliminary meeting where we discuss your needs as an investor or buyer

Step 2: I email you condominium listings and you send me feedback. I refine my search criteria based on your feedback. Once you develop a comfort level with the condominium market we begin to go on showings.

Step 3: The process continues of emailing you listings and going on showings until we really zero in on a condominium that you want.

Step 4: Once we find the ideal condominium,  I negotiate for you to the best of my abilities.

Step 5: I can refer you to several financial experts to make sure that your deal closes at rates acceptable to you.

Step 6: Enjoy condo living at its best or I find you a tenant for relaxed investing