The hardest-working team in real estate - at your service !

  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Superior knowledge of the market
  • And of course, good old-fashioned hard work
  • Experience
  • Attention to detail
  • Responsive to your schedule


These are just a few of the uncompromising principles that make my Team the ideal choice in helping you buy or sell your home. We treat each and every client like a valued friend, and every transaction like it's the most important deal of your life. Our job's not done until you're completely satisfied with your purchase or sale. Perhaps that's why our reputation continues to grow.

Meet my experienced staff who are ready to assist you TODAY with your purchase and sale:

Mark Abraham

Sales representative: Your customer service specialist.

A Toronto urbanite, Mark is a licensed agent and all around nice guy.

Mark has much experience in property management which he brings to Condoman Realty's clients as well.

Mark's real estate experience includes an incredible dedication to customer service excellence and professionalism. Feel free to contact Mark by phone at 647-449-2950 or mail at">

Gloria Rabie

Accounting / Financial services


Mark Youhanan

Sales representative and customer service specialist

All around nice guy and my brother Mark services his and my clients with knowledge and care.
Jennifer Muallim

Sales representative

A condo specialist with 3 yrs of experience working at various condo sites as well as 4 yrs of resale experience Jenn can help you find the condo of your dreams.